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"We're like the spokes on a wheel, all radiating out from the same center. If you define us according to our position on the rim, we seem separate and distinct from one another. But if you define us according to our starting point, our source -- the center of the wheel -- we're a shared identity. If you dig deep enough into your mind and deep enough into mine, the picture is the same: at the bottom of it all, what we are love." ~ Marianne Williamson

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What Do I Really Want in My Life?

Over 150,000 people trained to lead happier, more successful lives! Here are the finest programs for personal and professional effectiveness, with a track record of success dating back to 1979.

Expertly designed by Context Associated, these programs are about results. We address the key elements of success in such a powerful way that you assimilate in a short time what otherwise would often take years of experience to learn.

The attitudes and abilities which allow you to take each step in life with excellence are the same as those which distinguish successful men and women who are experiencing fulfillment in their lives.

In our programs we explore these essential elements of success in depth, with emphasis on the ways you can build upon those abilities and strengths that you already possess.

The first three sequential seminars are The Pursuit of Excellence, The Wall and The Advancement of Excellence – each complete in itself yet building for the next segment.

We believe you achieve maximum value and attain the greatest results by attending all three. Therefore, although not required, we highly recommend that you commit to participating in the entire series.

A fourth program, Mastery, blends key elements from those three courses with cutting-edge leadership concepts and extensive drilling in communications – interpersonal and public –  immersing you in such a dynamic experiential setting that you are trained exceedingly well to lead not just others but yourself.

Outstanding Value for your Time & Money

We are interested in your results long-term. We want you to get at least twice as much as you expect and to amaze yourself at what you accomplish. Also, we know that your time and money are of great value. Therefore, we pack a lot into our programs and do it as skillfully, economically, and in as little time as we know how.

Our programs move quickly. They are fun. And they are compact.

Not Another Motivational Course: Instead We Offer Real Lasting Results

One of the most outstanding features of our programs is that people use what they have learned in order to produce results for years to come.

Many seminars temporarily motivate participants or offer tools which are rarely used upon completion of the course.

Our programs are unique in that, while people find themselves more energized and possessing more skills upon completion, the impact is far deeper. Once people see beyond their boundaries and know they are able to invent their futures, they seldom go back.

Based on Testimony from Our Graduates, We Have Seen a Variety of Typical Results:

  • More money
  • Job promotions
  • Getting married or establishing a permanent relationship
  • Better family and work relationships
  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Increased output at work
  • More effective use of time, energy, money
  • Improved physical condition
  • More friends and stronger networks
  • And many other outstanding results

In addition, graduates report that the level of permission they give themselves to lead full, satisfying, productive lives is greatly increased.

Isn’t it time that you, too, achieve similar results?

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