Frequently Asked Questions…

What happens in the seminars?
Why are the seminars so effective?
What are some of the reasons people attend these programs?
Who leads the seminars?
I’m already successful – Why would I want to attend these seminars?
Who attends these seminars?
Does it last? What are the long term results?
Who developed these seminars?


The seminars are different from classroom-style seminars in that they are designed to fully engage the participants. People are usually surprised at how much fun they have while they are learning.

Concepts are presented in informal lectures which draw upon audience participation for examples, questions and discussions. This method of presentation allows you to be clear on the ideas being presented and to see how they may relate to you. These discussions keep the pace lively and stimulating throughout.

Based on the idea that true learning comes from experience and in an atmosphere of fun and respect, lectures are accompanied by powerful individual or group exercises providing opportunities for personal participation in real situations. Thus you internalize the concepts by direct application to your life.

Don’t expect though to just show up, take a few notes and have it happen to you. You will be working hard and will often have assignments. The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself is to identify your purpose for attending.

You should know that during The Pursuit of Excellence you are strongly encouraged to attend The Wall as soon as possible and that during The Wall you are encouraged to attend the next Advancement of Excellence. There is great value in each seminar but the greatest results are produced by those who complete the series.

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People achieve results during and after these seminars primarily because of an increased awareness of their self-efficacy (the power or capacity to produce the desired effect, the ability to achieve results).

The context which leads a person to believe, “I’m not as able as I want to be,” begins to shift to one that says, “I am able.”

Each positive result reinforces the context of ability so that the shift becomes permanent and the behavior producing desired results becomes natural.

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  • Communicating
  • Speaking in front of groups
  • Staying motivated
  • Managing time
  • Having harmonious relationships
  • Learning
  • Establishing friendships
  • Being a leader
  • Being happy
  • Managing people
  • Being intimate
  • Knowing what they want
  • Dealing with authority
  • Making a difference
  • Self-discipline
  • Concentrating
  • Setting goals
  • Earning money
  • Having confidence in the future
  • Making decisions
  • Relaxing
  • Having fun
  • Handling conflict
  • Having healthy habits

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The facilitators are successful, interesting individuals selected for their effectiveness in producing results and extensively trained. Their depth of learning and life experience was considered, and even more importantly, their immense talent for conveying, explaining and facilitating the course material.

Their formal education varies widely, as do backgrounds and interests. What they have in common is great appreciation of people, genuine interest in others doing well in life, the desire to make a difference and a commitment to demonstrating excellence in their own lives.

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Many people who attend are already successful in most areas of their lives. They are interested in more. Having mastered some areas, they want to add depth to their lives or expand their horizons. The more success a person has achieved, the more he or she realizes that success is an ongoing process and that there are always new frontiers to explore. This is what our programs offer.

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The seminars are for everyone who wants to move ahead in life. Those who want to succeed in work or retirement, or be more successful as parents, students, partners, friends or spouses, find the programs extremely valuable. Elements of success are the same wherever applied.

People from all occupations and walks of life attend the seminars. The richly diverse nature of the groups is one of the most important features of the seminars.

Most people attend in order to learn how to be more effective and have more fulfillment in their careers and their relationships. Some want to develop more self-confidence. Others are in transition or are seeking purpose in life.

Companies often sponsor management teams and other employee groups in the seminars in order to develop better teamwork, common purpose and more effective communication.

Each of the seminars is uniquely engineered and very effective at producing results for those who are prepared to move forward quickly in their lives. Some people are not prepared to do so. The seminars are educational and solution-oriented. They are not intended for people with deep-rooted emotional problems. It is apparent, however, that as participants achieve more excellence in their daily lives, they experience less stress and burnout, and operate with increased spontaneity, vitality and enthusiasm.

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Typical results reported by graduates have been named: more money; job promotions; getting married or establishing a permanent relationship; better family and work relations; enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence; increased output at work; more effective use of time, money and energy; improved physical condition; more friends and stronger networks.

Graduates say that their vision of what is possible is expanded. They know how to go about achieving what they are certain is most important to them, and are committed to doing so. They look for solutions rather than focus on problems.

They have developed at least several strong friendships which will support them should their commitment to excellence in life ever tend to falter. They have learned a tremendous amount about themselves and others. They have developed insights and skills which serve them in personal and professional interactions. They have learned to be more effective than ever before in their work and their personal relations. They approach life as a challenge rather than a problem, are better at managing stress and feel more zestful. Testimonial letters are available on request.

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Since 1978 Context Associated, based in San Francisco, has designed and delivered leading-edge courses for business, government, organizations and people around the world. They are the experts in experiential adult education.

The driving force in Context Associated is a firm belief in people’s ability to achieve the results they want – professional, personal or community-related. Context believes that as people and organizations create more of those results which are meaningful to them, the resulting joy and satisfaction spill over into the lives of others. This belief is reinforced by the results graduates of Context courses continue to achieve year after year.